Run-To-Succeed-New-LogoTim L. Jarvis founded Run To Succeed Race Management and Timing Company in the spring of 2014. Tim’s business and hometown is located in the heart of southern Illinois, which is also widely known for its popular wine trails. Numerous wineries scattered across the bottom of the state offer hours of social entertainment at various comfort levels. People travel to southern Illinois from all over the region to tour the wine trails.

Along with the many wineries southern Illinois has to offer, there are also several craft breweries. Some of which, have history dating back into the late 1800’s. For us, one of the best things in life is a good tasting beer. Southern Illinois breweries offer just that! There are not as many breweries available as are wineries, but St. Louis is within two hours travel time offering many more craft brewery options. 

Being a fan of craft brew and because of the overwhelming popularity of the southern Illinois wine trail, Tim decided to bring the two together in a format that he knows well – 5K’s. Run, Hop, or Wine is a 5K race followed by local craft beer and wine tasting featuring some of the best breweries and wineries the region has to offer. Live music, good food, and great beer and wine is what the event is all about! Our events are a celebration of local craft brewing and wine production, an active lifestyle, and the surrounding community. Just to add a little extra fun, when you register for the event, you either sign up for Team Hops or Team Grapes. Extra incentives are given to the team that wins!

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Drinks will be waiting at the finish line!